Ashleigh Black - Downsizing - 09/23/19

Claudia was very personable. She took time to understand what was important to me and walked me step by step through
the process. She was extremely accessible and answered my millions of questions like it was the first. Patience is a virtue
and she has it! I would recommend her talents to anyone who is looking to purchase or sell a home. Thanks Claudia you

Paloraasi Maria - Downsizing - 05/10/19

Claudia has been a pleasure to work with. She has great work ethics and is very conscientious. She pays attention to details
and covers all areas of the sell. Not only does she make the client feel comfortable, she also provides the secure feeling that
they have made the best choice of her as their real estate agent. Claudia is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the
client is satisfied. She works hard and thorough. She keeps the client informed every step of the way with phone calls.,etc. in
order to keep the client informed of the latest information on the sale of the property. She is dedicated to the client and the
selling process. Claudia is easy to talk to regarding the issues and responds promptly to text or email. She has been a joy to
be acquainted with in the sale of my home. Sincerely,
Maria Palosaari

Earlene Boyd - 12/03/18

Claudia is a great gal to work with. My involvement with her has been as a fellow board member for the Beaumont Woman's
club and even though she has not been with the club for very long she has exhibited a fantastic attitude of service and is
always willing to jump in and support the club's projects. She willingly took on the responsibility of recording secretary and
spent many hours revamping and enhancing the club's directory.

Marie Huggitt - Retiree - 08/10/18

I found Claudia to be very personable and helpful. She was selected from several agents as one that took on the job at once
of researching the properties in the area. Since I had been away since 2007 when I moved to Mississippi, I really depended
on her and she followed through in every detail, especially making the whole procedure very easy for me. She made sure to
keep me informed at every step of the way. Thank you, Claudia

Gladys V. - First-Time Buyer - 08/10/18

Working with Claudia exceeded any of our expectations, My Husband and I had a great experience working with Claudia. She
was very responsive to all of our requests and questions, and she knew far more than we ever hoped to about the process
of buying a home.

Charmagne Mitchell - First-Time Buyer - 07/09/18

Claudia pulled out all the stops to help us get into our new home. She kept after the seller to complete repairs in a timely
manner and helped us get a really great deal. My daughter and I are very happy with our new home.

Victoria Gutierrez - Growing Household - 05/05/18

Very helpful and informative. Will gladly do business with again and will refer her to my friends and family.

James Pegg First-Time Buyer - 05/02/18

Let me first tell you my purchasing experience in the housing market!! Absolutely Nothing!! I have not clue at all. Lucky for
me I found Claudia who helped me the whole process through. I can't say enough about Claudia's character, professionalism
and ability to get the answers you need. I'm happy to say that my experience with her has not only provided me with one of
the best experiences I've ever had in any business transaction. Also one I can rely on with any future inquiries into anything
relating to any crazy ideas I might have. Claudia even went so far as helping me analyze the tax implications of a home
purchase. I've never owned a house before and I was really interested in finding out exactly what my cash flow was going to
look like after my purchase. She proceeded to provide me with useful links to tax breakdowns and analysis on the benefit of
owning a home as compared to simple doing the basic tax forms. Itemizing is where it's at my friends. Her experiences a
previous professional tax preparer really came through for me. So not only do you get a Real Estate expert, you get a tax
professional, and a great personality that will dive into any subject whole heartedly to find the answers you need. Boy did I
have a lot of questions? Like what's a HOA? Property tax what's that? What is covered by home insurance? What's a home
warranty? PMI, who is that? How do I get someone to lend me money? She removed any panic or anxiety with her calm
professional demeanor, because let's face it this is the biggest decision your ever going to make!! In a nut shell it's basically
this... Your in good hands with Claudia Allstate Almaraz!!

Elmer Soto First-Time Buyer - 05/02/18

A hard working individual an amazing attitude towards unexpected situations, she doesn't seem to know what impossible is she always finds a way to do what most people would given up on. Claudia also has the quality to embrace her work to the point of making sure people around her do their part but she makes sure they do it in a way people enjoy working with her.

Johnny Chao First-Time Buyer - 04/30/18

Friendly and attentive to detail.Great listener.

Edgar Reyes First-Time Buyer - 04/28/18

Claudia was able to provide me with excellent service, she was very professional the whole time, offering me enough
information. I am very pleased to say that she was friendly and attentive the whole time. I felt comfortable with the way she
carried herself and I have no complaints with the service she provided to me.

Yuri Zendejas - Colleague - 04/23/18

Claudia provided excellent service, she is very detailed and pays attention to customer needs. As always she is creative in
finding ways to accommodate in a hectic busy world we live in. She is a pleasure to work with and would recommend her to
all my family and friends. Thank you Claudia for your hard work and honesty!

Hessel Menjivar First-Time Buyer - 04/18/18

I really can't say enough, but good things about her. She is knowledgeable, approachable, personable, so patient, and
incredibly generous with her time. She answered every question and explained every form and every part of the process
clearly and thoroughly. If you're planning to buy a house I highly recommend her.

Janette Plancarte First-Time Buyer- 04/17/18

I would be a first-time buyer, I had a ton of questions and didn't know what to expect. Claudia was extremely helpful, she
answered every question I had and lifted weight off my shoulders. I've heard buying a home could be very stressful, but after
talking to Claudia I am very confident that when I'm ready to buy a home she will guide me and help me through out every
step to make it easy. Thank you for helping me understand the process, my husband and I look forward to working with you
when ready to buy are first home!

Christy Stover - Retiree - 04/17/18

Claudia will go above and beyond in guiding you towards a successful sale or home purchase. She is extremely trustworthy
and will tailor her services to meet your needs. She is very accessible and will negotiate the best deal. She is my go to realtor
for my next home.

Sandra Torres First-Time Buyer - 04/10/18

Buying a home is a huge commitment so I wanted to make sure that I had the right person helping me make my purchase.
Being a mother of 2 I wanted to ensure that our new home was perfect! My check off list was long. Claudia was very patient
with me and answered all of my questions. Professional, detailed, kind and genuinely cared about my kids and I being happy
with our home. Thank you Claudia for making this such a wonderful experience.

Monica Luna - Personal Reference - 04/10/18

Claudia is a true professional, she listens intently to her clients needs and wants and responds with a sense of urgency. Claudia is very knowledgeable and dedicated to providing her clients with the best experience period. You will not be disappointed with Claudia's willingness to help and her commitment to you and your families needs. Thank you Claudia

Juan Ramirez Upsizing -03/25/18

In the nearly ten years that I have known Claudia an appreciation for her ability to deliver exemplary customer care and
satisfaction is what resonates most. I had the pleasure of experiencing her high level of service and professionalism as a
colleague. Claudia's commitment is not easily surpassed and she is always looking for innovative ways to create a better
experience and outcome for any goal she is associated with. I look forward to collaborating with her in real estate and am
extremely proud to include this highly professional and competant person as part of my inner network. You will have a great
experience working with her!

Vanessa Mann - Colleague - 03/24/2018

I have worked closely with Claudia and she has such a professional manner that is friendly and welcoming! She did a wonderful job at listening and providing solutions that I was comfortable with but at the same time would be the best fit. Thank you Claudia, all you've done is greatly appreciated!

Adeyinka A. - Colleague - 03/20/2018

I've had the pleasure of knowing Claudia as a colleague. Claudia was a valuable and team member at a College where she served as a career advisor. Without hesitation Claudia is the most pleasant, hard-working, professional, and courteous individual I have ever worked with. She is dedicated and constantly looking for ideas to enrich the lives of students. She is flexible, responsible, interactive, and extremely trustworthy. Her leadership, and services were exceptional, not only for the department but for the entire college. Claudia was always caring and compassionate to our students and sensitive to their well-being. On many occasions, I have asked Claudia about the real estate investment, market and trend. And she gave some positive responses that will help me in making a decision. Thanks Claudia.

Justin L. -Former Employer - 02/10/2018

We loved working with Claudia!!! She was responsive, knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend Claudia for anyone looking to purchase their next home or an investment property. Thank you for all your help Claudia!! We love you!

Sedra L. -Personal Reference - 02/05/2018

My husband and I know Claudia for many years, Always a very responsible person,very friendly, Always ready to help. Mi Esposo y yo conocemos a Claudia hace varios años,ella es una persona muy resposable siempre lista para ayudar a los demas.

Maria N. - Colleague - 02/04/2018

Claudia is fantastic and a very smart Agent! She is honest, trustworthy and a pleasure to work with. I always get attention and receive immediate response from her.